I am indecisive at the moment. My body wants to move and stretch and my mind wants to put the myriad of emotions that have swept through my being to words. Words I have not communicated with in over a month. 
         My lessons now are intense. Hawk has been an everyday guide since I have
started school for massage therapy. My lessons on touch and energy have taken a
leap over the moon, and this is just the beginning! 
         I have been waiting for everything to make sense for a while now. It has
been a long year and I compare my lessons and waiting to an Elephant’s
pregnancy.  It is funny how little pieces of my life are starting to piece together and more and more Ahhh Haa’s are slipping unfiltered through my lips.  I am feeling happier by the minute and notice the transmutation of my feelings as I learn to ground and filter the emotions that I feel. 
         My indecisiveness has lead to these short paragraphs of minute expression. I struggle now for words to flow as my body is craving some Florida movement and Florida sunlight. This craving of movement supersedes my desire to write, so I leave you now to go follow my whims and follow my soul’s calling.  




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    I have always loved to write and find some way to express myself creatively. This page is just the beginning to my dreams, several thoughts, and hopefully some empowerment as well.


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